Saturday, 25 June 2011

The Success Prayer

Dear God-

I pray for you to help me attain success. I ask for you to show me strength when all I feel is weakness. I ask that you help me identify my "why" and always keep it near my heart. When I feel like I can take it no more, I ask that you have faith in me and teach me to have faith in myself.

I pray for you to help me learn the skills I will need to make this work. Please show me the start of a path that will teach me the way and take me to a wonderful destination. I pray that you will give me the knowledge and the ability to share what I learn with others. It is from this knowledge that I will be able to help myself, my family and others.

I pray for you to give me the energy I will need to continue working each day. Sometimes it is rough and I feel the desire to quit. Without this energy, I will never attain success for myself or my family. Please be my strength in my time of weakness and store my excess strength in times of plenty.

I pray for an abundance in customers. I ask that you help push me along in growing my customer base and sharing this wonderful gift I have to offer with others. I ask that when I lose a customer, you help give me the push to find two more who are even better.

I pray that you hold my hand so I never give up. Help me to remember that I am worthy of success and all that will come with it. Help me to remember that I am working hard and that if I give up now it will have all been in vain. Stay with me when I feel I can go no further.

I pray that when I do attain success you will help me to stay humble and remember that at one time I too was starting out. Help me to be aware that I must always continue to learn and to work hard. Give me the ability to help others who are just starting out as I once was.

Thank you God for giving me the tools for success. Without your guidance, I do not think I would be where I am today.


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