Saturday, 25 June 2011


prayer for success in exams. Lord heavenly father, you know how much time and money I have invested in this course, the hurdles I have found throughout my journey in pursuit of completion of this course and because I believe that you have plans for me and that you had a hand in guiding me towards this course, I believe that you will see me through the end; that i will be successful in my exams. I thank you and continue to pray for success in my exams and that my colleagues that I have been discussing with are also successful in this exams. I pray that during the remaining revision period you may bless us with the ability to recall all that we have learnt and that the exam questions brought are from subjects we are competent to understand and answer. I pray that the we may use the knowledge we have acquired for your greater glory and that we get good employment. I make this prayer through the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen

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Lorette Hunter said...

I love and appreciate this considerate prayer