Saturday, 31 October 2009


Power is available to you

No matter what your circumstance, power is available to heal your body, rescue a loved one, heal a broken relationship or escape a financial crisis.

Nothing in this world is supposed to have power over you.


Just as the eagle is born to know the freedom of the open skies that it rules over, so too are you -- as a human being -- created to claim the unending freedom of your own higher consciousness.

No person, no situation, no thought or feeling -- not even money problems or poor health -- are meant to hold you back from realizing ultimate success in ANY moment of your life.

I understand that this type of "supreme command" over yourself might sound strange, even fantastic, but it is a REAL possibility. And anyone with the sincere wish to awaken to such a world cannot help but succeed in realizing this newly empowered Life.

The doorway that leads to this new order of your own Higher Self is closer than you think. The key to it lies in discovering, and applying, a special type of knowledge hidden from the masses down through the ages. These "secrets" help you unlock enormous amounts of new life energy lying latent in your mind and heart. This is true Spiritual Power: an unstoppable force that empowers those who learn its secrets to command the moment, and to effortlessly dispel ANY gathering darkness.

Even though these possibilities may seem miraculous, they are actually governed by one of the most basic laws of physics: In our universe, energy cannot be created or destroyed -- but it can be transformed. Our Sun is a perfect example; it transforms lower types of energy (in the form of hydrogen atoms) into a virtually limitless supply of light -- the very highest form of energy in the universe. This "miracle" is accomplished through the amazing, but very real process of stellar fusion.

In much the same way, a process of "spiritual fusion" can take place inside of you. As you begin to tap the well of Spiritual Power in your mind and heart, it seamlessly transforms problems and negativities into higher and higher forms of Light.


-- Stress becomes Productivity
-- Worry becomes Awareness
-- Regret becomes Inspiration
-- Conflict becomes Compassion
-- Fear becomes Self-Command

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