Saturday, 22 August 2009


Do you think all hope is lost in having a baby or having babies of your own? God Almighty is giving all infertile women in the whole universe more hope.
Even if you had been given a final negative answer from your doctor or gynaecologist, always remove all those negative thinking from your mind and continue to implant positive assurances from your heavenly father.
God Almighty is a positive Father and he is a father that gives us positive hope in all situation of life.
I personally, had witnessed cases of 40years Old women and above getting pregnant and having children. Whatever your age, continue to be hopeful in your Lord.
Look at the case of the woman that bled for so many years in the Bible, She might had gone to so many doctors and places without any hope. But with her faith, she knew she will be healed of that ailment one day. Eventually she came into contact with the garment of our Lord Jesus Christ and she was healed. So what is your situation of life that you think our Lord Jesus is sleeping. Our lord Jesus is not a sleeping God. He knows all your problem,just call upon him day and night with a repentant heart and you will witness the greatest miracle in your life in Jesus name,amen.
This is where sins comes in, which will be look upon in the next news letter.

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