Tuesday, 4 August 2009


(1) Jesus, i surrender all my life to You, and through you, and living a holy life, i will be able to enter The Kingdom of God.
(2) As my heavenly Father is a God of Success and as a child of his, i draw all the successes of the universe towards me in Jesus mighty Name.
(3) Wherever God almighty has destined for me to be successful, let his Holy hand move me towards that destination in Jesus Name.
(4) Daddy, without spiritual success, I cannot climb the ladder of life, Daddy from now on, give me more wisdom in Jesus Name.
(5)Whatever situation or circumstances of life,i know i will be successful in Jesus name.
(6)With the power and authority of the holy ghost,i shall get to my destined position in Jesus name,amen.
(7)Spirit of poverty will never locate my territory in Jesus name.
(8)Spirit of debt will never come near me in Jesus name.
(9)I will forever be a cheerful giver in Jesus name.
(10)The mighty house that jesus promised me shall come my way this year in Jesus name.
(11)The beautiful car that Jesus promise me shall come my way this year in Jesus name.
(12)I will never walk towards unrighteousness in Jesus name,amen
(13)With God mighty power,i will never do what will upset my lovely father in Jesus name,amen.


jarvis said...

This is truly beautiful and i believe after reading these prayer points that God has heard my prayer and will give me evrything that is promised to me in Jesus name.


Thanks Javis, he has answered you and you will remain blessed in the mighty name of Jesus.

Anoop Tamil said...

i love jesus..... i thrust him..............

Elvis Nosa said...

I know after I have prayed all these prayer points tonight God will answer me in Jesus name Amen.

Kargbo Sounkay said...

i believe and received all the prayers i've PRAYED IN JESUS MIGHTY NAME AMEN

Kargbo Sounkay said...
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