Wednesday, 22 July 2009


Have you ever thought about how you want to live, and who you
want to become? Everyone has different values and puts them in
different order of priority, so what works for others may not
be your own recipe for success.

To remind yourself about what your life is all about, I
recommend taking the time to write down ten principles that you
consider most important. It is easy to get off-track at times,
but if you keep your personal values in sight it is much easier
live by them. (After all, what is the point in getting out of
bed every day if not to live a life of value?).

Selecting only ten principles is certainly difficult, but well
worth doing. Mine are clearly visible from my computer where I
work every day. Why don't you do the same?

Petra's Ten Tips for Being a Winner

Think big - dare to dream
Give without expecting anything back
Be persistent, even when it all looks too hard
Speak positively about yourself and others
Never stop learning
Smile, even when no-one is looking
Demand excellence from yourself
Put people before projects
Take responsibility for everything that happens to you
Have integrity - always do what you say you will do

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