Wednesday, 9 January 2008


The innermost pain a family can experience is not to have a child/children, and the pressure is mostly on the women.There are various causes of infertility.but if you study the bible,and have the faith that God almighty is the genesis to revelation of your body structure,that is God is the creator of all your body systems,organs,bones,ligaments,tendons and so on.And during the time of your creation, God almighty did not put any anomalies in any part of your body,this is where FAITH comes in,then you will come to understand that all these infertilities cases might just be ordinary delay.Even if the doctor say your case is 0% chances,he is not final judge.God almighty have the final say in your case.
But there is one powerful weapon that can remove these delays {PRAYERS},and allow all women to experience the feelings of motherhood.
God said,go out and multiply,he did not say,go out and be infertile.That is why i am calling on people with faith to send in their prayer points to this site to help them.
May God Almighty,the i am the i am richly bless you as you send in your prayer points in Jesus name,amen.

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